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At Captain’s Ohana Farm, we are a family owned and operated business. Located on the Big Island of Hawaii in Honaunau (20 miles south of Kailua-Kona), our farm is at the 1000 ft. elevation on the southern side of the Kona Coffee District. This area is warmer and more arid than most of the Kona coffee belt. The trees here are not quite as environmentally comfortable as in the higher elevation farms thus producing slightly smaller beans. However, they tend to have a slightly more intense flavor and a bit more caffeine. An advantage due to their struggles!

As a family we plant, grow, maintain and pick all our own coffee. We hand pick at the peak of ripeness to ensure a quality bean to roast. We practice the old Hawaiian method of processing our cherry and see it through to sun drying and proper storage of parchment. We only mill when needed to ensure the green bean is fresh. We sell our 100% Kona coffee as green bean or roasted and whole bean or ground.

Captain’s Ohana Farm is unique and diverse. We grow 65 types of exotic fruits and vegetables on our 12.67 acres and have over 200 fruit trees. Our varieties range from the well-known avocado, mango, papaya, grapefruit and lime to the exotic lychee, sour sop, abiu and rambutan. Our coffee trees are all nestled among our fruit trees. Our farm is fortunate to house approx. 2000 honeybee hives. These busy workers provide our crops with excellent pollination. The combination of the fruits and the bees give our coffee a wonderful bouquet. Because we grow fresh produce and are home to many fragile friends, we are environmentally friendly.  Also we are directly above one of the world’s most valuable coral reefs and take that obligation very seriously with our entire farming practice.

Since moving to Hawaii and becoming farmers we have never worked so hard, but have never felt such passion and pride for what we do and what we are fortunate to produce. We feel so blessed to live and work in such a beautiful place.

Jack and Tina Turner,  owners/operators Captain’s Ohana Farm

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